Best Contour Pillows For Neck Pain Update 07/2022

Best Contour Pillows For Neck Pain

best contour pillow

How do you find the best contour pillow for neck pain? All of the contour pillows I’ve used have contained a memory foam insert, but did you know that some even contain a memory foam insert and a firmer support?

Most contour pillows don’t contain a core, but I’ve had a few that did. The prices on these are a bit higher than standard pillows but you’re getting much more in the way of benefits.

The most important thing to know about contour pillows is that they need to support your back in all directions, not just one or two. I’m a righty, so right side up, as I’m writing this, have a pillow pushed over my left shoulder and rolled to the right to help me get back to normal. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after using the contour pillow.

In the left chest area, the pillow acts like a vise and holds the left side of my chest up. When I close my eyes, it takes me back to when I was in my twenties. I slept like a baby with the contour pillow.

I still use the contour pillow almost every night and my back has never felt better. I also tend to sleep better when I use a neck pillow for side sleepers or one for stomach sleepers.

Most contour pillows have a temperature control system, so I can adjust the level of firmness to suit my needs. Some come with an adjustable head band and a “ceiling” to help keep my head from flopping around.

Although I bought my contour pillows at Wal-Mart, the models I bought are a lot cheaper online. Most online retailers offer free shipping, which is another reason to buy online.

Other benefits of using contour pillows include creating a more relaxed spine by keeping your head straight while you sleep. This keeps your spine aligned and reduces neck pain and stiffness.

Another benefit is that by using contour pillows on your neck and on your head, it will create a natural arch to your spine. In some cases, even just sleeping on the edge of the contour pillow is enough to create this natural arch.

Many people agree that contour pillows are a better choice for people who have problems with back pain, but they are also a better choice for side sleepers. They are generally more comfortable to sleep on than traditional pillows because the soft material is less likely to irritate your back.

Make sure that the contour pillows you buy have a memory foam insert. In addition, most contour pillows have a polyurethane foam core that’s the same as a foam core in standard pillows.

So, if you suffer from neck pain, remember that contour pillows are a good choice for sleep comfort. Plus, they’re very affordable.