Best Pillows for Side Sleepers Update 07/2022

Finding the Best Pillow For Side Sleeper

The best pillow for a side sleeper for the side sleeper can be very hard to find. You can find pillows in every color and size and price range, but you are bound to have a hard time finding one that will fit your needs. There are some tips to help narrow down your choices.

best pillow for side sleeper

A good way to start is by looking at the color and size that suit the person that is going to be using the pillow. The most common type of pillow for a side sleeper is usually a memory foam pillow.

Memory foam is perfect for those that are a side sleeper because it not only conforms to the shape of your body, but will also allow your body to adjust to the firmness of the pillow. For those that have severe neck pain the memory foam is a perfect solution. The memory foam conforms with your neck shape and takes pressure off of your neck.

If you are a side sleeper that has trouble getting to sleep at night, this may be the answer to your problem. You may find the best pillow for a side sleeper for a favorite memory foam mattress.

The other major type of pillow for a side sleeper is the one with the large surface area. These pillows have a large amount of support and also provide more comfort than a smaller pillow. The big pillows provide better neck support and often cause the side sleeper to drift off into sleep during the night.

Those who suffer from side sleeper snoring will find the soft topper to be a great option. These pillows have a vent that helps to keep out the hot air and the pillows also have an anti-snore mouth piece that can help to get rid of snoring.

A memory foam pillow for a side sleeper can also help those that snoring and many times has additional support for the jaw. The memory foam pillows also adjust themselves with the body shape and provide much more comfort than a smaller pillow. The memory foam also reduces pressure on the spinal cord.

For side sleepers that sleep with their head raised, the best pillow for a side sleeper is one that does not have a foam top. The foam provides too much weight and the sleeper may try to flip over. Most often a pillow that has a foam top does not provide the full support needed by a side sleeper.

Those that sleep on their side have a problem because their head and shoulders are elevated while their legs are lower to the ground. The best pillow for a side sleeper is one that supports their neck and spine. It must provide enough pressure on the spine to keep it in proper alignment.

The best pillow for a side sleeper comes with a pillow insert that has the right amount of firmness. This combination of firmness will make it easier for the sleeper to get proper posture. Many people that snore sleep on their side or their stomach and this causes their spine to be turned in the wrong direction.

Many people are surprised to find the best pillow for a side sleeper is a memory foam topper. The fact that it has a foam top makes it much more comfortable to use. The side sleeper can use it like a regular pillow without sacrificing the foam top.

A good pillow for a side sleeper can make all the difference in the world. They can provide more comfort and less pressure on the neck, spine and head. These little extras can make a difference between how well you sleep at night.